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Handyman in Hanover NH contracting in the Upper Valley

Our busy schedules, makes it difficult to get the "handyman" stuff done around the house.

My name is Chris Patch, and I'm the Hanover Handyman. I can handle all of your home maintenance needs, so you can spend what free time you have with friends and family, and I’m a handyman nearby!

Hiring an experienced handyman can save you a ton of money. It's difficult to find a handyman that can fix a large variety of things such as; faucet & light replacement, door & window repairs, floor & tile issues, grab bars & safety ramps, smoke detectors & gutter cleaning, interior & exterior painting, hanging pictures, etc.

The list goes on, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a full list of handyman services I offer.

If you can find a handyman that is skilled in multiple areas, (like me), you should keep them around, as their knowledge and expertise will go a long way in preserving the beauty and integrity of your home, and leave you time to do pleasant activities.

I will be happy to schedule an appointment and go over what you would like done.

I also have insurance. COI provided upon request.

I try to give free estimates from pictures you send.

I no longer have time to come out to your property to give "Free Estimates."

I will come out to your home for a consultation. There is a fee associated for this visit.

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My Services

Here are a few highlighted project ideas.

I've created a list just below my contact information.

Just give me a call, so we can go over your list.

I’m close to your home, and I’m a handyman nearby.

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Home Maintenance

From replacing light fixtures, to adding grab bars, to adjusting lawn sprinkler heads, painting a room, to cleaning the gutters. I install snow roof fences & angels.

hanover painting, call for an estimate

Interior & Exterior Painting

I specialize in exterior treatments that will last. Your deck needs a coat of protection each year. I will beat any professional quote.

hanover remodel contractor, hanover home services, handyman

Smart Home

I install smart doorbells, like the Ring Doorbell and the Nest Thermostat. I also install exterior cameras and motion detecting lights, wall mounting TVs, checking or replacing smoke detectors.

hanover remodel contractor, hanover home services, handyman

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Ready to have your garage cleaned out? Need a handy man to fix some stuff around the house? Gutter Cleaning, install & remove AC’s?

hanover remodel contractor, hanover home services, handyman

"I've been a handyman for years. Show me your list of home maintenance projects, and I'll get started on pricing each item, so you can decide how many, and which ones you want me to start with. I’m a handyman nearby."

- Chris Patch, Etna, NH

Handyman Services

Handyman Services Offered

Ring Camera Installation

Shed Assembly

Nest thermostat

Doorbell Installation

Exterior Vent Replacement

Hang Shelving

Home Maintenance

Play Set Assembly

Toilet Seat Installation

Window Mounted AC Installation

Picture Hanging

Grab Bar Installation

Storm Shutter Installation

Barbeque Assembly

Carport Assembly

Ceiling Patching

Closet Hardware Installation

Furniture Assembly

Hang a Mirror

MailBox Post Installation

Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Outdoor Window Shade Installation

Plaster Wall Patching

Re-Caulk Bathtub/Shower

Safe Installation

Screen Door Installation

Wall Patching

Washer/Dryer Pedestal Installation

Showerhead Replacement

Holiday Lighting Installation

Door Hardware Installation

Vanity Installation

Glass Replacement

Cabinet Hardware Installation

Install Mailbox

Screen Repair

Toilet Repair

Television Mount

Shower Door Installation

Cabinet Repair

Drywall/Sheetrock Patching

Exterior Shutter Installation

Exterior Trim Repair

Faucet Repair

Ring Doorbell

Freezer Installation

Gutter Cleaning

Install Smoke Alarms

Interior Trim Installation

Interior Trim Repair

Landscape Lighting Installation

Microwave Installation

Pet Door Installation

Power Washing

Refrigerator Installation

Window Security Bars

Shower head Installation

Sink Repair

Electric Cooktop Installation

Electric Range Installation

Electric Dryer Installation

Storm Door & Shutter Repair

Nest Thermostat

Storm Shutter Removal